Cheri Quinton

Cheri Quinton


(BAppSc, MOst)

Cheri has worked alongside Hamish at OsteoMe since 2013, following the completion of her bachelor of applied science and masters of osteopathy degrees from Unitec New Zealand. Since graduating Cheri has completed a postgraduate certificate in western medical acupuncture at AUT and has completed training on McKenzie treatment protocols, from the McKenzie institute. Cheri has also developed a special interest in women’s health and has completed several obstetric and paediatric courses.


Cheri is passionate about reducing the aches and pains of all her patients and enjoys working alongside them to address the underlying cause, in order to better prevent the return of symptoms. Cheri will typically use a range of structural treatment techniques (stretching, soft tissue massage, joint articulation and mobilisation) during treatment and can also incorporate gentle functional techniques or acupuncture if required to assist with pain relief. Cheri treats patients of all ages and therefore will adapt her treatment approach to meet the needs of her patient. Cheri will typically prescribe exercises to assist with symptom resolution.


On a more personal note, Cheri has lived on the Hibiscus coast since she was a child and as a keen swimmer and boater she loves what the area has to offer and has decided to stick around, with her and her partner Paul buying their first house on the coast. Cheri has also been heavily involved in learn to swim teaching and competition level coaching. With over 10 years experience she feels its an excellent way to build fitness and maintain strength to prevent injury re-occurrences.

Cheri is registered to practice in New Zealand by the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand and is ACC registered. For more details about the council and the requirements an Osteopath must meet in order to become registered please visit the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand online.

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