Hamish Syrett

Hamish Syrett



Hamish qualified from Unitec Auckland, after completing the Bachelor of Applied Science and the post graduate Masters of Osteopathy. He has 10 years’ experience treating patients in private practice. He is a qualified Pilate’s instructor and is a credentialed McKenzie therapist. He has also studied a wide variety of manual therapy techniques both from Osteopathy and Physiotherapy. Hamish uses a combination of the various therapies that he has studied in order to create an optimal approach for each patient he sees. Hamish is also a firm believer in looking beyond the passive treatment model:

It is important to look at the big picture with each individual. While a good treatment effect for a patient is important, looking at the reasons why a patient has an injury such as posture, movement patterns, muscle imbalances and lifestyle factors is key to long terms results.

Hamish has worked as a clinic tutor at the Unitec student Osteopathic clinic, a position which he very much enjoys however this part of his working week is on hold while he studies a post graduate certificate in Sports Medicine.

Hamish is registered to practice in New Zealand by the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand. For more details about the council and the requirements an Osteopath must meet in order to become registered please visit the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand online. Hamish is also a registered ACC treatment provider.


E4E (Exercise for Everyone)

Hamish has recently founded E4E (Exercise for Everyone) in partnership with Orewa Beach Gym. E4E is a free community based exercise program for people of all shapes and sizes of any age, at any fitness level. The concept is to provide a fun, group based exercise sessions that anyone can use. We have initiated E4E for our patients and members of the community who are looking for a way to improve their lifestyle, strengthen or condition their bodies or recover from injury.

E4E might provide a starting blocking to a more active lifestyle or be part of a broader weekly exercise routine.

For more details see the section Exercise for Everyone.


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