Here at OsteoMe Western Medical Acupuncture can be incorporated in your treatments with Cheri to assist with symptomatic relief.

Cheri holds an extended scope of practice in Western Medical Acupuncture and always uses disposable, one-time use needles.


What is Western Medical Acupuncture and how does it work?

Western Medical Acupuncture involves the therapeutic insertion of very fine needles into points around your body. These points are chosen by your practitioner based on your anatomy and physiology, and the pathological cause of your symptoms. Needle location is typically chosen from traditional meridian system points, but with Western Medicine neurophysiological concepts are kept in mind.

Acupuncture points within the meridian systems are typically chosen because they are thought to contain a higher density/concentration of nerve endings than in other areas. This means that it should ensure a speedy recovery and hopefully a quick reduction in your symptoms.

Acupuncture also assists to help with circulation through enhancing local blood flow, removing inflammation and stimulation of correct new cell growth within the injured structure.

During your treatment needles may be placed in an acupuncture point in a slightly different location to the area of the pain. This may occur because the acupuncture point lies within the same neurological distribution as the injured tissue and by placing the needle within the same “segmental distribution” it helps to feed positive, pain reducing information back to your spinal cord, in turn reducing the intensity of your pain.




How long do the needles stay in?

This differs from patient to patient and is dependent on your symptoms. Typically, it ranges from 5 to 30 minutes. If your practitioner incorporates Acupuncture with Osteopathic massage and manipulation, then the needling time frame is generally shorter than if you are solely receiving Acupuncture. During treatment typically needles will be left for the duration of your treatment, however your practitioner may feel it is necessary to twist the needles a little to help enhance their effects.


What could I expect?

It is normal to experience a degree of heat and tightness around the area of the needle. This indicates neurological stimulation and should result in appropriate treatment effect.